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Life on the Road: One Family’s Permanent Vacation Through South America


Selling all your worldly belongings and traveling the world for a year or two, exposing kids to exotic cultures firsthand always seems like a completely romantic idea to me. Why can’t I do something that brave – and ultimately rewarding? Why am I so damn conventional?

I’m always trying to incorporate travel and new experiences into my life and work and not just in the two-week, American sense of vacation, but in a lifestyle of striving for inspiration and knowledge through experience. Travel writing has been my means to that end, in the meantime.

So when I learned of Adam and Emily Harteau traveling with their toddler, making art and selling artisan goods they discover along the way, I was naturally sucked in. They left California in 2012 and have traveled all the way down to the tip of South America and just had a second baby in Brazil, chronicling it along the way on their blog, Our Open Road. Amazing. I love that they’ve figured out a way to make a living while they travel. (Emily is apparently also working on a cookbook of her road-tested healthy meals.) And they also recently partnered with Urban Outfitters. This week they’re holding  one of their flash sales, what they call 24-Hour Bazaar, filled with goods from Peru. Don’t you think that’s brilliant?

Here are some photos from their travels, some of Adam’s art and a handful of items from their current sale. I’m inspired! Dreaming of a road trip with our family one day…










Some of Adam Harteau’s art




A selection of things the Harteau’s are selling through Friday on their latest 24-Hour Bazaar…. (I want one of those alpaca blankets!)




Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 1.04.01 AM





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  1. You are right, Carrie. The family’s travel is impressive. They are modern day nomads in every sense of the word. I’ve travelled for six months to a year several times but never with children and always on savings. I’ve always believed that kids could get an incredible education traveling with parents willing to homeschool. –Curt

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