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A Day at the Virginia Museum

IMG_3103We spend a lot of time at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Partly that’s because it’s about four blocks from our house and full of color and wonder for the kids. Plus a pretty beautiful little cafe. We have definitely gotten scolded a few times for sitting on ledges or … well … touching. I know. I know. Sorry, Mr. Security Guard. But I have to think at least the kids are inspired enough to want to touch, right?

Our visits are usually pretty short, which suits our attention spans, and the security guards, just fine. I always think of my friend Catherine who’s theory is that it’s best for everyone to keep kids museum visits short then hand them an ice cream. I love that. Get them to the museum but make it rewarding. The other day we visited to check out the new Posing Beauty exhibit but our favorite right now is this great exhibit called Studio Visit where they’ve mocked up artist Ryan McGuinness’ screen-printing studio. You can watch a video of him working, hear the studio sounds, see the materials he uses and take home a free poster. It’s open through Oct. 19, check it out.








IMG_2907       IMG_2908

IMG_2898P.S. Great photo of kids at a museum by Laurie Victor Kay.


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