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5 Great Blogs About Florence, Italy

My first article about my trip to Florence came out yesterday in New York magazine online. It was wonderful to get a dose of Italia and be back in what’s probably my most favorite city in the world. I’ll be sharing lots of insight from the trip and to start, I thought I’d give credit to some of the fantastic blogs and bloggers who helped in my research. Have any others you’d suggest? I’m always on the lookout for ways to stay connected to Firenze.

1. A Dusty Olive Green – Danish photographer Birgitte Bronsted has been living in Italy for 20 years. She has a modern sensibility and shares beautiful photography of Florentine sites (that’s her shot above) and shops with some side trips and Copenhagen thrown in. (Stay tuned for my Q&A with Birgitte.)

2. When In Florence – Written by Sara Amrhein, an American artist and jewelry maker who’s married to an Italian she met while studying abroad. She writes thoughtful pieces about her struggle as an artist but also promotes the contemporary artist scene with a series of interviews with artists in Florence. (Stay tuned for a Q&A with Sara as well.)

3.  Girl in Florence – It’s fun to live vicariously through Georgette, an American ex-pat, who writes about events and new openings in Florence with the exuberance of someone still elated to be living an Italian dream.

4. Creative People in Florence – Get to know the native and ex-pat artists living and working in Florence through this blog (and if you’re in town, attend one of their studio visits with aperitivo).

5. Unusual Florence – I was thrilled to stumble across this collaboration of edgy, young shop owners and artisans working in the historic center. Most are run by native Florentines who are making a go of it with unique shops and restaurants that all really warrant a visit to take in their creative visions.

[Photo courtesy of A Dusty Olive Green.]



  1. Alexandra Lawrence

    Just read your article on Florence in New York Magazine. It was an excellent piece–complimenti!

  2. culturefix

    Thanks, Curt. It was New York magazine, not the NYT this time ; )

  3. culturefix

    Thanks Georgette! You are one hard-working blogger. Great info in your blog – and such wonderful stuff to write about, too. Also, I really appreciated your voice and the context you give to the various sites and neighborhoods in Florence. I will be living vicariously through you here in Virginia!

  4. culturefix

    Thanks, Alexandra! I LOVED researching it. If I only wrote about Italy, I would be one happy camper.

  5. You are really too kind, really! It’s easy to fall in love with Florence and I am all too happy to share. Do let me know if your back in town and we can meet for un caffe, I have some places in mind I think you’d like!

  6. culturefix

    Thanks, Georgette, I’d love to meet up next time I’m in Florence. I hope it will be soon!

  7. Thank you so much once again for the lovely words, Carrie – here and on NYM 🙂

    Ciao from Florence

  8. Simone

    I love Italy ! Especially Florence ! my suggestion is to rent an apartment for about 4-5 nights, there are several global websites but I suggest you something more local… like they rent apartments in Florence for family too and also have a Shuttle service for day tours in all Tuscany !

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