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Hamptons Packing List and My Favorite Summer Recipes

We’re headed to the Hamptons on the east end of Long Island this weekend. Being close to those beautiful beaches and cute towns is one of the perks of us being back in New York.  And after moving, I’m in major need of a break (and a drink!). Here’s a peek at what I’m packing for the beach weekend.

packing list
White shirt, Calypso
Retro bathing suit, Vitamin A
Ikat sundress, Madewell
The Goldfinch book, by Donna Tartt
White jeans, Ralph Lauren
Gray sweater and tank, Old Navy
Double-cloth cotton shorts, Lou & Gray
White tank, Cali
White sundress, H&M
Flip-flops, Havaianas

Plus, in an attempt to be stellar houseguests,  I’ve made a few of our favorite summer recipes to bring along, like this delicious tomato tart that will go perfectly with seafood and corn on the cob. I am beyond thrilled for some farm-fresh corn on the cob! Also, I made this amazing farro salad for an easy (and healthy!) beach lunch. It’s a take on the farro salad made at the very cool GTA takeout spot in Venice Beach, California. And we’re bringing tequila for simple margaritas (agave, tequila, soda and lime) – essential!

I’m so ready for the beach. What do you bring to eat on the beach?

P.S. I also always pack this, this and this for the beach.


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  1. I love the stuff you packed! It’s exactly what I would take with me. I like to be casual and comfortable, but looking good at the same time. About the food I like to have fruits and chips with me, but I prefer to have my lunch in some fish restaurant next to the beach.

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