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Live in a Gucci Ad …or at Least Visit

gucci cruise

When the Gucci Cruise 2016 campaign started filling the pages of magazines this winter I knew that room. It’s hard to forget a space with all that confidence: Kelly green rug, lemon-yellow chairs surrounded by gorgeous mural walls. It’s Castello Sonnino, a Tuscan villa I visited a few summers back. That stunning room made the perfect compliment to Gucci’s jewel-tone, lux-retro looks. The print ads and video below were shot in the main villa where the de Renzis Sonnino family lives, and has for many generations, but visitors can get a taste of Tuscan noble life at their charming restaurant or by renting one of the simple rooms on the property, including an apartment in a 13th-century tower, that has to be Tuscany’s best kept secret. Baroness Caterina is a lovely and witty hostess who proudly shares the family’s colorful history and their vineyard’s sustainable agricultural practices with universities and guests. Visitors can tour the property learn about the ancient wine- and olive-oil-making processes, and, for a price, lunch with the Baron and Baroness in their dining room. Below are some shots I took of the villa, which is exactly as I would have dreamed it up: frescoes, trophy heads from exotic game, and heirloom antiques. Pay them a visit. You will not want to leave. I mean, if it’s good enough for Gucci…










My visit to Castillo Sonnino was coordinated by the Portrait Firenze, a stunning property in nearby Florence that I wrote about here.



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    I get it, Curt, taxidermy is not for everyone. Thanks for reading!

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