carrie culpepperCULTURE FIX is a blog about stylish and authentic TRAVEL great FASHION, DESIGN and FOOD from around the world. And a bit about my life in New York with my husband, Scott, daughter, Marguerite, and son, J.J.

I’m Carrie Nieman Culpepper, a travel, design and lifestyle journalist and communications consultant, currently working with VCUarts (the #1 public school of arts and design in the country). I contribute to The New York Times, New York magazine and Travel & Leisure. My work has also appeared in House Beautiful, Elle Decor, W, Luxist, Outside and others. I’ve just completed to my first book project with interior designer, Charlotte Moss.

My career has spanned a variety of topics (here are some clips). I’ve been a music critic for The Washington Post, the arts editor at Richmond’s alt-weekly, Style Weekly, and managing editor for shelter magazine, R.Home. Recently, I helped to launch several design and real estate blogs for Aol as Senior Editor.  I’ve been interviewed on the radio, appeared regularly on TV and emceed special events. Not too long ago I was asked to sit on a Design Blog Panel during the fantastic SCAD Style festival at the Savannah College of Art & Design to talk about this blog.

Writing about music, art, design and the interesting characters behind those topics led me to travel writing. I believe that a trip is really successful when I’m immersed in local culture and customs – experiences authentic to that place. I want to walk away really knowing the places I visit. And what I love about travel writing, is that I can track down and interview some of the most interesting and influential characters wherever I go. This blog is where I share those experiences. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy!



Here are some of the things you’ll find…

  • THE PACKING LIST because I’m slightly obsessed with packing well, so I’ve gathered clever, versatile, packable and stylish items for your carry-on.
  • INSIDER GUIDES for travel tips from design-minded locals or frequent visitors
  • THIS MUST BE THE PLACES highlight small and special properties that feel true to their place
  • CULTURE FIXES art, design, fashion news from around the world



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